Sunday, February 6, 2011


WOW-what can I say about last week in the Wilson household. First of all it was supposed to be the busiest weeks for me personally that I have had in a long time. I was scheduled to begin working with the women's ministry at my church on Tuesday; Wednesday morning we were to have our Women's Bible Study and then I was immediately leaving to drive to Houston to speak at the women's meeting at Lakewood Church; on Friday our best friends Shon & Tina Shelton were supposed to come for a soccer game and we were going to renew the tradition of Friday night dinner between the Shelton's & the Wilson's; then on Saturday I was to teach part of the Vision class for our church. Needless to say, NONE of those events happen. Not a single one.

All of the sudden on Monday evening the weather forecasters begin to say we have misjudged the storm coming in. It is going to be a major storm and we will get a lot of ice. I quickly made a phone call to Jackie Garner, my old boss at Lakewood, to inform here that would be a "small" chance that I may not be able to make it on Wednesday. We all went to bed Monday night wondering what Tuesday would hold. At 4:50 am they made the announcement that Frisco ISD was closed for Tuesday. I immediately knew my trip to the church office in Southlake was off. So Tuesday we were iced in with below 0 wind chills. Because of Joel's asthma, I wouldn't allow him to go outside and the other two boys really weren't interested in the ice. Craig of course was home sleeping all day and I felt like I spent most of the day telling the boys to be quite, stop running, stop fighting and doing more refereeing than I ever wanted to do!

Tuesday afternoon I received word that we were cancelling our women's bible study for the next morning. Then about 10 minutes later Christian hollered down that school was cancelled again for Wednesday. I was like our you kidding me...I knew at that point I wouldn't be driving to Houston. I called and cancelled with Jackie who was so gracious. She is one of the most gracious women I have ever met. She truly trust that nothing catches God off guard and he has a plan. My outlook for day two in the house was not looking pretty!

Wednesday morning arrived with another cancellation -no youth for Wednesday night. As was becoming the norm I felt like life was revolving around the 4 o'clock news. At 4 o'clock we would know if there would be school on Thursday or not. At 4 they announced Dallas ISD was closed, I knew that our school closure was only a few minutes away. Sure enough shortly thereafter they announced Friso ISD would be closed for Thursday as well.

Thursday was day 3 of being totally iced in. We had not gone anywhere in 3 whole days! My expectations of this wonderful week I was going to have where quickly ending. I now knew that the odds of our friends coming in to play soccer on Friday were quickly vanishing. We kept busy by cleaning the house most of the morning. Like I predicted Tina called around 2 to say the soccer game had been cancelled.

All week they had talked about a chance of snow for Friday. However the forecasters kept saying we would only get a trace to maybe an inch of snow. I felt completely confident that the kids would go back to school on Friday. Forget the fact that if I looked out the front door my whole street was a complete block of ice, or the fact that Craig had driven to work and knew first hand how bad the roads were, I SO NEEDED the boys to go back to school for all of our sanity.

I was glued to the 4 o'clock news Thursday afternoon as I ran on my treadmill. Sure enough around 4:15 they announced Frisco ISD along with 60 other school districts would cancel again on Friday. I thought are you kidding me...I then quickly decided that Christian and I would grocery shop Friday!!

Friday morning we woke up covered in snow. I was like this is WAY more than a dusting or even 1 inch. Sure enough due to a "slight" shift in the weather we got 6 inches of snow. 6 inches of snow on top of 3 inches of ice that had not melted because are temperatures had not been above freezing all week. I decided we were breaking out. Craig agreed to drive Christian and I to Wal-Mart. We did our "big" grocery shopping and they had everything I needed except for milk. There was not a gallon of milk in all of Wal-Mart. We then talked Craig into stopping by Ci'Ci's for some pizza on the way home and at Wal-greens for a gallon of milk. We were a totally different family with some time out of the house and of course some GROCERIES!!

Friday afternoon I received the last cancellation notice of no Vision Class for Saturday - YUCK! Saturday dawned with a gorgeous sun rise, temps above freezing, and the majority of the snow/ice starting to melt. It was an eager Wilson group who got ready for church that afternoon. We were ALL ready early for church. It was great getting out, seeing people, worshipping God and finally eating some Mexican food.

If the winter storm they are predicting for Wednesday comes in, we may be looking at a repeat of no school for next week. At least I will make sure my food supplies are packed and work on having a better attitude!!

(I only took two pictures of this storm. I think that shows how "not into it" I was!

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